Jul 31, 2016

AMBER & KEVIN Military Winter Wedding at Hidden Meadows

I had the honor of photographing a wedding in Seattle, WA. I had such an incredible time photographing Kevin & Amber wedding. We loved every moment of this elegant, laughter filled wedding. Congratulations to Kevin and Amber! What a beautiful intimate classy wedding at  Hidden Meadow! It was wonderful celebrating the day with you two! We wish you the best! Enjoy the photos!

our love story: Kevin and I had both been doing the online dating scene for some time. We didn’t communicate long before meeting. I think just a couple times. We decided to have our date at the wild rover in Kirkland. The min I met him I had a lump in my throat as he’s CLEARLY very good looking 😉 We were going to meet for a drink which turned into 3 hours of really great conversation. Everything that came out of his mouth was exactly what I was looking for. After our date He was a gentleman and walked me to my car, opened my door (as he still does now), and we said good night. I went home and told my roommate i just had a really REALLY great date. I was in a bit of shock because it was unexpectedly good. I remember being so tired that day and wanting to bail as staying home just seemed easier. I was tired of dating and very discouraged. Kevin and i made plans to hang out that same week. I think a couple days later. Once again it was amazing. The third date Kevin asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him that I think we should take it a little bit slow, but I DID see it going in that direction. What Kevin didn’t know is that I had made a commitment to myself that the next guy that I was going to fully date and commit to I wanted to marry. I didn’t just want another boy friend, I didnt want another heart ache, I just didnt want to put myself through all of that again which is why I wanted to be certain. Kevin then told me, that he would ask me out every week until I said yes to being his girl friend…and he did. It was the cutest, sweetest thing. He was patient, and things just got better and better with him. One day after church he asked me for i think the third time to be his girl friend and I said yes! I meant it, but what he saw was hesitant on my end. As I said earlier the next guy I said yes to as my boy friend is the guy that I knew I was going to marry so i was nervous..and i guess it showed. The day carried on, i called my family and friends and told them (they were all SO excited because they loved him for me). well the next morning I get into work and tell my co workers that we made it official and they were floored because they new that settling down for me was a big deal. I sit down, open my emails and there is one from Kevin. It said that he thinks we should wait..that we should go back to what we were. I was pretty angry to put it mildly lol. I threw him in the friend zone as fast as he did me ha. He told me it was because it didnt feel right when i said yes..which I totally understand after we talked about it down the road. This lead to a few weeks of us not really talking at all. He left to San Diego for the Marines for a few weeks. when he got back we started hanging out again, but just as friends. I would bring him to my parents place, my events with my friends, just all over, but still in the friend zone. One day we went floating. We were floating close together and I grabbed his hand and kissed it..poor guy was so confused ha. After the float we had a little make out session on the side of the road and we were back on from that point. I knew Kevin wouldn’t officially ask me out again so I knew that I was going to have to be the one this time to do it. My love for Kevin grew very strong and very fast. We were at, movie in the park one night, and I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest with love for him. I knew that night that I was going to marry him. I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes. Ever since then its been full speed ahead. We were engaged after just 4 months of dating and married after 8 months. We both said the same thing…we never knew what “when you know, you know” meant. I have been in long relationships, ones that I thought I might marry..but still had doubt. With Kevin he was everything I ever prayed for and more. I 100 % knew that he was it. Crazy how you can date someone for years and not know…guess thats a sign its not right. Kevin is a answer to prayer for me. I’m so blessed to have him as my husband. We planned our wedding at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish Washington in pretty much 2 months. it was a LOT of work..and stressful, but we made it happen.

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