Aug 1, 2016

Cherry Bloom wedding – Matt & Courtney

They met around 3.5 years ago. Matt came down to Columbus a couple of times to visit friends and one of them just happened to be Courtney’s roommate at the time! It was funny because Matt actually stayed at Courtney’s apartment a couple of times before we ever even began to start talking, but once they finally did Courtney had to make the first move! Its hard to pick their fondest wedding moment, but they would both have to say their first dance. They both had fallen in love with Dylan Scotts version of Thinking Out Loud, and as they were dating it was like no one else was in the room! Funniest moment though was during the ceremony and Matt’s ring no longer fit due to an accident at work! Of course throughout our engagement Courtney was always on Pinterest looking for ideas and we came across a cherry bloom pin. Courtney has always been in love with them and Matt loved the look of them too! It actually helped them pick their wedding date as well since cherry blooms bloom in the spring we wanted a late May or early June wedding. When looking at the dates May 28th came up and they both were like wow the 28th sounds so familiar it was then that we realized that had to be our wedding date because we began dating March 28th, Matt proposed December 28th, and it was only fitting that our wedding would be May 28th. It was just crazy how all of their milestones as a couple just so happened to fall on the 28th!

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